For nearly three decades our in-house specialists have been raising the standard regarding customized sheds, storage, and barns in Worcester County, Massachusetts because of our painstaking attention to detail, commitment to a quality product, and a penchant for absolute customer satisfaction.

In order to best provide our extensive coverage concerning installation, design, construction, and repairs, we encourage you to take the time to review our services and call for additional details. Keep in mind that the services and areas of coverage are an overview of our company's capacity & degrees of expertise and we approach each project with professionalism and adaptability.


What We Do


Quality Sheds

Having a separate addition to your property that is not directly attached to your main structure has proven to be invaluable to our clients for a multitude of reasons - convenience, safety, security, cost-efficiency, and the often underappreciated: visual appeal.

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Top-Notch Barns

Whether you're storing perishables like food or livestock, or you're wanting to ensure your machinery and equipment are safely barred from the inclement weather we frequently experience here in Douglas, MA, it's likely in your best interest to learn more about our barns!

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Custom Storage

Taking into account that not all storage requirements are clearly defined by a shed, barn, hut, or other popular structure, we've taken it upon ourselves here at Douglas Timber Sheds to extend our coverage to also include customized storage services.

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Your Property: Our Profession

Typically when one of our valued customers in the Douglas, MA area is seeking to construct an addition to their property, such as a shed or a barn, it's usually because their current storage capabilities are inadequate to suit their needs. For example, in the Worcester County, MA regions, a very large portion (nearly 30%!) of landowners work in manufacturing, construction, or other related fields which require ample storage for their "tools of the trade". Initially, their current sheds or barns prove large enough in both size and capacity to accommodate their needs, however, it's foregone conclusion that additional storage will eventually become a necessity. That's where the seasoned pros we employ here at Douglas Timber Sheds have the opportunity to shine!


"Where Quality Meets Affordability..."

What makes our company (and by extension, our services and coverage) inherently unique from other custom construction outfits is the fact that we design, construct, and install all projects we are recruited for with a "made-to-order" approach that guarantees that each shed, barn, or utility building is catered to each client individually. By gearing our services & approach towards ensuring each client is receiving such one-on-one attention, it allows us to design and construct better quality barns, sheds, & storage structures while also implementing only choice materials. Furthermore, we also have the distinct advantage of implementing a Timber King Portable Saw in our arsenal, so we are able to effectively eliminate the need to transport raw materials from one location to a mill for processing, and in return, transporting it to the job site in question for actual construction - we are able to custom-cut our own lumber, on site!


If you have any additional inquiries regarding our Shed Building services; or if you would like to schedule your consultation, please give us a call.