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Our Services

Having been in the industry as long as we have, and pioneering many techniques, methods, and practices along the way have given our company the enviable position of being your "one-stop shop" for all barn and shed related needs. Ranging from barns of various sizes, including full-size, mini barns, and barns that serve dual purposes(such as workshop/living quarters combination) our in-house specialists are well-versed in all facets of design and construction to ensure your project progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Furthermore, for those clients who aren't necessarily looking for a barn per se, we do offer extensive coverage for shed designs, construction, and installation to complement our world-class custom storage facilities & structures. If you have further questions regarding your shed or barn or would like to schedule your complimentary consultation, please feel to reach out to our staff at your earliest convenience.

Because we have our own portable band-saw sawmill, we can construct your shed or barn with lumber which we mill from trees harvested on your property. Not all customers choose to do this, but those that do enjoy several benefits from using their own lumber that is glaringly obvious: streamlined project times, inadvertent tree clearing services, and a significantly smaller carbon footprint on their project.
Whether we use your lumber or whether we supply the lumber, each time that we use locally harvested trees, we help you protect the environment. The ability to harvest & mill lumber locally makes us substantially unique among local builders and gives our customers the advantage of protecting the environment while at the same time getting top quality construction using 1st quality, hand-selected lumber.

Wood & Timber Sheds

When you make the decision to go with our professional teams here at Douglas Timber Sheds, there are certain things about our approach towards designing and installing your shed that is both unique and refreshing. For instance, when regarding the material that will comprise your shed, you have a wealth of choices as our client: we can harvest lumber on-site from your property or we can import a specialized lumber of your choice, and all wood we use is cut on-site, which ultimately reducing project-completion times. It's been viewed that our exclusive practices of on-site construction and dependable installation techniques are the best in the business here in Massachusetts and we invite you to see for yourself and further that general consensus!

Custom Shed Designs

Generally our clients, both prospective and existing, are in the market for proven and reliable design for their shed, however, we do fulfill several requests for customized sheds as well. While we are renowned for focusing primarily on supreme craftsmanship, design, and longevity concerning your shed, there are is no shortage of emphasis on aesthetics and visual appeal as well when our masterful crews are at the helm of your custom shed project. As an added bonus, all projects we are enlisted to oversee are guaranteed to be a step-above in terms of affordability versus long-term investment. What that translates into is this: our sheds proven to last longer and require less upkeep, thus returning your investment several times over.

Barn Installations

Whether you're seeking a barn for additional storage, housing, or a combination of the two, our teams of skilled designers and expert carpenters/woodworkers are your go-to if you're in Douglas, MA or any of the surrounding areas. Beginning with a consultation and an on-site assessment of the property where the barn will be constructed, we also work with our clients closes during the design and material selection portion of the project, thereupon a desirable schedule is coordinated with all parties. Once the design, materials, and logistics of the project have been addressed, the actual construction process begins, which is expedited with speed, precision, and professionalism.

Mini Barn Construction

Largely constructed to be a literal miniaturized version of our top-notch, full-sized barns, our Mini Barns are a homeowner's dream structure if they are in need of a structure that is serviceable, affordable, and most importantly; quick and relatively easy to assemble. Here's how it works: each Mini Barn has a corresponding plan set that is exactly rendered as per the client's specifications, with the materials, joints, and framework being tested by our licensed professionals in our industrial shop prior to transporting the entire project to the customer's property. We typically use white pine as a standard wood for our barns, although we are more than happy to implement any wood upon request.

Personalized Storage

Taking into account that no two clients are the same, it's only natural that their projects, needs, requests, or requirements would lack uniformity as well. Granted, there are always certain similarities, regarding quality material choice or quality craftsmanship, many of our custom storage structures are inherently different, and outfitted to customer's specific needs. While these are not the most common or routine projects we are recruited to manage, we definitely embrace them because it affords our designers and installers to construct something truly one-of-a-kind while simultaneously giving the client exactly what they are seeking.

Utility Buildings

Similar to the customized storage structures we are famous for designing and installing, our utility buildings are client-specific and built-on-demand. Regardless if you are housing electrical systems & equipment, plumbing or irrigation supplies, or something equivalent, our utility buildings are built using only the very best in terms of choice materials, reliable design structure(s), and construction techniques. Each utility building we are enlisted to construct is guaranteed to be up to code, pass any and all inspections, safely store your utility feature(s) and stand the tests of time and invasive elements alike.

If you have any additional inquiries regarding our Shed Building services; or if you would like to schedule your consultation, please give us a call.